XL Enterprise™

XL connected to the cloud.

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XL Enterprise connects XL to the cloud

Instant alerts. Emailed reports. Automated updates.

XL Enterprise™ is the cloud component of Vorne’s Industrial IoT platform for manufacturing. It receives real-time production information from your XL Productivity Appliances™ to automatically:

  • Send email and text message alerts based on real-time production metrics.
  • Send alerts when your process stops, runs slow, nears the end of a changeover, has an OEE score below expectations, etc.
  • Escalate issues from line-level personnel to your senior leadership team.
  • Eliminate manual shift reporting with emailed shift reports.
  • Update XL with new features as we release them.

Unlike most cloud applications for manufacturing, XL Enterprise™ is entirely optional, and many of its services are free. We completely understand that most companies don’t want to be locked into costly subscription-based services.

Connect the XL Productivity Appliance to the cloud with XL Enterprise

Automated email alerts. Respond to problems. Fast.

XL Enterprise automatically sends email alerts to help your front-line team respond to problems quicker, and to alert your senior team of problems that need additional attention. Emails can be sent based on metrics (e.g., OEE), production states (e.g., down events), or targets (e.g., changeover time targets).

Every email includes a succinct subject line, a description of the alert threshold that triggered the email, and a summary of your current production KPI’s.

XL Enterprise sends automated email alerts to monitor manufacturing production

Email alerts are super-easy to configure:

  • Administrators configure alerts for your organization.
  • Users choose which processes and alerts to which to subscribe.

You can choose from three types of alerts:

Example manufacturing alerts sent automatically by XL Enterprise

Automatically escalate. Keep informed. Drive action.

Prevent small issues from becoming big problems by creating alerts that automatically escalate issues to key team members. It’s easy to create simple and powerful escalation processes, and you can create as many escalation levels as you need.

Here is an example of escalating a line stop from your operators all the way up to the plant director.

Use XL Enterprise alerts to create an automated escalation process

Having the Vorne XL800 production monitoring displays throughout our organization allows our production lines to visually monitor their own performance. At the same time, the remote monitoring of the data provides real-time feedback to our 1st and 2nd level supervisors allowing them to react to changes in production throughput increasing our efficiency and reducing downtime.

R.T. | Manufacturing Manager | Tier One Automotive Supplier

No email? No problem. Subscribe to text alerts.

Not everyone has access to email, but just about everyone carries a phone.

If you prefer text message alerts, XL Enterprise will send short text-based emails designed to be converted by your mobile carrier to text messages. Each user can configure which alerts they receive, for which manufacturing processes, and (most importantly) when to receive the alerts…so they’re not woken-up at 2 AM (unless they really want to be!).

Send SMS alerts to monitor production with XL Enterprise

Configuring XL Enterprise to send text message alerts is super-simple because:

  • Text message alerts are configured in the same way as email alerts.
  • Users can choose to receive their alerts either as emails or text messages.
  • Text message alerts are automatically optimized for readability.
  • XL Enterprise provides a listing of gateway services provided by different mobile carriers.

Note: Message and data rates from your mobile carrier may apply to text messages you receive from XL Enterprise.

Eliminate manual reporting. Save time. Stay informed.

As soon as each shift ends, XL Enterprise instantly delivers a production report directly to your email inbox. Within moments of a shift ending you can check if your team hit their production target, how many pieces they made, their OEE score, labor effectiveness, top production losses, and more.

Bottom line – you spend less time collecting data and more time driving improvement. XL equips your supervisors with immediate and accurate production data, so during the shift they can focus on meeting and beating expectations, and at end of shift they can focus on a successful shift handover.

XL Enterprise creates and delivers automatic shift reports

The results are amazing! We went from about eight thousand units a day to just over eleven thousand…That's an almost 30 percent increase in production and we've been able to sustain our gains. Supervisors, managers and operators now have a great tool for monitoring the progress of the lines.

R.K. | Maintenance Supervisor | Decorative Can and Tin Manufacturer

The XL Platform. Always improving. Intelligently.

Every week we have conversations with hundreds of manufacturing companies. We stay very closely connected to our XL users as part of our agile development process. Your experience and our creativity combine to create great new features for the XL platform – included in software updates released every couple of months.

Keep your XL Productivity Appliance up-to-date with automated software updates

XL Enterprise delivers software updates to each linked XL device. And you decide when you want those updates to be installed. It’s one of the truly outstanding aspects of the XL platform. It’s always improving. Giving you more tools to succeed.

XL. Simple. Powerful. Affordable.