Monitor any machine. Any process. Anywhere.
IoT that scales from machine to enterprise.

one time cost
day to install

XL is the simplest, fastest, and most powerful way to monitor and improve manufacturing

XL is a standalone device that includes I/O to communicate with your process, a scoreboard for your operators, and built-in reporting for your managers. And – it seamlessly scales from machine to enterprise.

XL works on any discrete manufacturing process. That’s one of the reasons it’s used on 25,000+ installations in 45+ countries. Here’s a few more:

  • No software to install
  • No servers to maintain
  • No recurring fees
  • No contracts
  • Unlimited users
  • Free 90-day trial
  • Free technical support
  • Free software updates

Our CEO personally came in and saw how big of an impact XL had made. He was amazed at the gains it provided compared to the cost. We were considering a trial of another system – but the cost of the trial exceeded the cost of outfitting our entire plant with XL!

M.C. | Industrial Automation Engineer | Global Confectionary Manufacturer
Monitor production in real-time with the XL productivity Andon page

Is XL right for you?

Here is a quick test of whether XL is right for you.

Are you tracking production with spreadsheets?

Are you tracking production with spreadsheets?

Do you lack accurate or actionable production data?

Do you lack accurate or actionable data?

Do you have a system to monitor your manufacturing productivity, but it's too complicated?

Do you have a system but it’s too hard to use?

After three days our team was producing at 115% of plan and set a new production record. At the end of the shift our plant floor team broke into applause! That’s why every line is getting an XL.

C.T. | Lean Improvement Team | Global Imaging Products Manufacturer

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

XL provides built-in and customizable reports for unlimited users, out of the box. It is a hardware appliance that easily scales up from one machine, to one plant, to your entire enterprise. Buy exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Wire sensor inputs from your machine to the XL


Wire one or two sensor inputs from an existing machine photo-eye, relay, proximity switch, or encoder to XL.

Attach a barcode scanner to the Vorne XL to easily start part runs and scan down time reasons


Plug a barcode scanner into XL to make it easy for operators to start part runs and scan down time reasons. Print barcodes right from XL.

Connect XL Productivity Appliance to your network and access production data through your browser


Connect XL to your network and provide an IP address. There’s no software to install, access everything through your browser.

XL is exactly what we were looking for! The best thing about it is that it was so easy to install. Add the fact that we didn’t have to deal with software to see our real-time data and XL is a real winner.

D.G. | Plant Manager | Hospitality and Healthcare Products and Services

Any report. Any machine. Any time.

Instantly generate production reports for every process in your enterprise with Vorne XL

Our patented reporting technology creates a level playing field across your enterprise. With XL on every process instantly generate reports for a process, area, plant, division, or your entire enterprise. Every XL includes a powerful embedded webserver so there’s no software to install, and your data is instantly available to every user on your network.

Your data. Your way.

Immediately leverage the data XL collects with built-in reports like OEE, Down Time, TEEP, Changeover, Top Losses, and Total Production Timeline. Even better – create custom dashboards, reports, and export files to organize exactly the information you want in exactly the way you want to see it. With over 100 metrics and more than 20 dimensions available in real-time and historically – you have a wealth of actionable information to mine. And your data is not locked in a silo – you can export it to Microsoft Excel with a single click.

Vorne XL includes built-in OEE software to easily create shift report dashboards
Use charts in XL to visualize production data

Charts provide many different ways to visualize information (line, column, Pareto, stacked, or clustered).

Tables show grouped or chronological tabular production data

Tables enable showing tabular information either grouped (with drilldown) or chronologically (by event).

Use chronograms in XL to visually display production data over time

Chronograms are useful for visually showing category values over time (e.g., whether the process is running or down).

KPI groups show multiple production metrics in a tabular report

KPI Groups show multiple metrics organized in a tabular fashion.

Production KPI element provides average value, value over time and trend information

KPIs provide a lot of information about a single metric: average value, value over time (sparkline), and trend.

Built on Best Practices

XL leverages the knowledge and expertise of the same team that writes and publishes and It thoroughly integrates a whole host of industry best practices including OEE, TEEP, Six Big Losses, Theory of Constraints, SMED, Continuous Improvement, and Short Interval Control. And it is designed to be easy. XL easy. Because a powerful product only creates change when it is used. By you.

Are you ready to create change?

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Two years ago we brought in XL as part of our lean program. We wanted to measure and improve efficiency on seven lines. Over this time we have increased our OEE by an average of 20 points and our downtime is down to 20%.

D.G. | Plant Manager | Hospitality and Healthcare Products and Services

Drive improvement. At every level.

XL provides you with a single source of production data. Detailed. Accurate. Timely. Precise. One data foundation to drive change across all roles and responsibilities.

  • Operators focus on what they can improve in the next few hours. Get the line to speed. Quickly react to down events. Meet the changeover target.
  • Supervisors focus on driving improvement across days or weeks. Analyze a problematic part. Set shift targets. Use data to be proactive – not reactive.
  • Leadership focuses on change that spans months or longer. Launch a project. Set goals. Compare investment to results.

With XL – your data aligns your team. Naturally. Everyone works from the same set of information towards the same set of goals.

Operational, tactical and strategic decisions are focused on different time frames

After we installed and deployed the Vorne XL800 Productivity Appliances we analyzed the data, and started understanding our underlying issues. We benchmarked our primary line and recorded an OEE Score of 45%. The XL800 gave us the tools to track and eliminate our downtime, and improve our productivity. 10 weeks later we are hitting 60% OEE and still making improvements.

D.G. | Operations Manager | Grain Milling and Packaging Company

This shift. Empower operators.

Operational Your operators need answers to two simple questions:

  • What do we need to make this shift?
  • Are we on target?

The XL scoreboard answers these questions in real-time. If Efficiency is 100% or better – your operators are on track to “win the shift”. We see time and time again that keeping things simple achieves better results. So keep it simple. Use the built-in scoreboard configuration or select from 100+ included metrics.

The scoreboard drives the first wave of productivity improvement with XL.

Vorne XL800 production monitor scoreboard

When we installed Vorne displays…the target rate for one of the lines was inadvertently set higher than was planned. A few hours later when the plant manager glanced at the display, he was amazed to see…the line was running at 127% of plan simply because the goal was there!

A.C. | Manufacturing Consultant | Manufacturing Consulting Firm

This week. Improve daily meetings.

Tactical How do world-class manufacturing companies ensure their production meetings are effective? By basing them on accurate, actionable, up-to-date data.

  • Are you relying on manually collected, inaccurate, or out-of-date data?
  • Are decisions based on opinions – or data?

With XL you are just a click away from more effective daily meetings. Start with one of our built-in reports or create your own dashboard report.

Improved production meetings drives the second wave of productivity improvement with XL.

Use built-in manufacturing shift reports or create custom production dashboards

Nobody offers us the “bang for the buck” that we’re seeing with our Vorne XL800 systems. I’m a big fan of the Advanced Analytics! With a few mouse clicks I can analyze historical data from each of my assemblies. I’m also using Advanced Analytics to plot charts for the shifts to see how they stack up against each other.

M.H. | Plant Engineer | Tier 1 Automotive

This month. Attack the right loss.

Strategic Most companies try to accomplish too much and end up achieving too little. Why? They focus on the wrong things.

  • Do you know your top 10 losses?
  • Which are improving?
  • Which are getting worse?

The XL Top Losses report ranks every loss in terms of time. Every down reason. Slow cycles. Small stops. Startup rejects. Production rejects. Changeovers. All ranked by impact and presented in one page. With trend information that instantly shows you where you are improving and where things are getting worse. Banish assumptions. Allocate resources where you will see the biggest improvement for the least effort.

Top losses and other analytics drive the third wave of improvements with XL.

Understand your production losses and know where to focus with the Top Losses report

When I joined my last plant our OEE was 30%. Each month we picked a focus metric from the XL800 and trained the team on that metric. I show everyone how it affects the line and then we work together to drive up the number. We steadily improved, and when I left the plant our OEE was 74%!

W.M. | Operations Manager | Food Manufacturing Plant

We make it easy. For you.

Did you know that more than 1,000 companies have started their XL deployment with a free 90-day trial? In fact, we encourage every new customer to start with a trial. At the end of the day – what really matters is how well XL works for you. XL trials follow a simple 5-step process:

Schedule a webinar to talk to a Vorne manufacturing expert

Webinar. Talk to one of our manufacturing experts about your process. We’ll show you XL and focus on your questions and your challenges.

It's easy to start an XL trial. Order with credit card or purchase order

Order. Provide a purchase order or credit card to start your trial. Pay nothing unless you keep XL.

Vorne XL is easy to install

Install. Our experts will guide you through installing and configuring XL using web applications and our trial roadmap.

Vorne staff will help in understanding, interpreting and leveraging production data from XL

Optimize. We’ll help you understand, interpret, and leverage all the new information and insights from XL to drive improvement and promote change.

Expand XL to other processes in your plant or enterprise

Expand. Like XL? Take advantage of a special rollout discount to add XL to other processes in your plant. XL seamlessly scales from machine to enterprise.

I read every customer comment on your web site before I decided to try the XL600 and have to admit that I simply didn't believe them. I am now a true believer and customer. Not only is your XL600 an outstanding product but your technical support is the best I've ever encountered!

J.C. | Engineering Manager | Wheel and Drive Manufacturer

Specs and Details


Full-featured reporting with customizable dashboards. All data is available for instant export to Microsoft Excel.

Built-In Reports

Andon, Down Time, OEE, Six Big Losses, TEEP (Hidden Factory), Changeover, Speed Loss, Rejects


Advanced Analytics, Top Losses, All Production, Total Production Timeline, Asset Timeline

Custom Dashboards

Chart (Pareto, Line, Column, Cluster, Stacked Column, Stacked Pareto), Table (Tabular, Hierarchical), Chronogram, KPI, KPI Group


Dimensions are descriptive (qualitative or categorical) attributes of data. XL includes 20 dimensions:

Production-based: Shift, Part, Job, Production State, Reason, Impact, Production Phase

Asset-based: Asset, Area, Plant, Division, Enterprise

Time-based: Hour, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year, All Time, Custom


XL includes 105 metrics (available both in real-time and for historical analytics) within 11 groups:

Counts, Cycles, Rates, Production Times, OEE, Six Big Losses, TEEP, Quality, Target, Goal, Labor


Processing Core

32-bit 1 GHz ARM Processor
4 GB Memory


(8) 5 to 30 VDC Digital Inputs
(1) Relay Output

Com Ports

(1) 10/100 Ethernet
(2) RS-232

Tech Specs


100 to 240 VAC
30W to 230W (depending on model)


0º to 50ºC ambient
0% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Dimensions and Weight

XL810-126.2 x 13.7 x 3.5 in / 19 lb
XL810-250.2 x 13.7 x 3.5 in / 33 lb
XL61031.0 x 15.9 x 3.5 in / 23 lb
XL41023.4 x 8.4 x 3.5 in / 9 lb


XL810-1Alphanumeric (1 Zone)$3,990
XL810-2Alphanumeric (2 Zone)$5,490
XL610Digital (6 Digit 2.3″ x 3 Line)$2,990
XL410Digital (6 Digit 4″ x 1 Line)$1,990

Accessories and Options

Barcode Scanners

Light Industrial$298
Light Industrial Wireless$698
Industrial Wireless$998

Wireless Ethernet

802.3 to Wi-Fi Converter$295

Integration Tools

Software tools for integrating XL with other systems. Prices include licenses for 10 XLs. Integration services also available.

OPC Server$1,295
Data Collector$2,995
PLC Data Link$2,495
ERP Data Link$9,950


Every XL includes a 3-year limited warranty (parts and labor).