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XL Helped Me Improve OEE from 30% to 74%

“I've used Vorne XL in my last three roles and it has really made a difference. When I joined my last plant our OEE was 30%. Each month we picked a focus metric from the XL800 and trained the team on that metric. I showed everyone how it affected the line and then we worked together to drive up the number. We steadily improved, and when I left the plant our OEE was 74%!”

W.M. | Operations Manager | Food Manufacturing Plant

Vorne XL – Best “Bang for the Buck”

“I attended the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago this September. Having installed Vorne XL across my plant I really wanted to check how XL stacked up to other OEE systems. I spoke to 3 or 4 other companies at the show and I believe that nobody offers us the ‘bang for the buck’ that we're seeing with our Vorne XL800 systems.

I'm a big fan of the Advanced Analytics! With a few mouse clicks I can analyze historical data from each of my assemblies. I'm also using Advanced Analytics to plot charts for the shifts to see how they stack up against each other. Nothing wrong with a little cross-shift competition!

I am heading to our parent facility in Germany to present XL to our counterparts in Germany, China, and India and I feel it will be easy to convince them that they should be looking at XL as well.”

M.H. | Plant Engineer | Tier One Automotive Supplier

8% OEE improvement in our first month

“We bought an XL400 system in September, and within a month we were seeing improvements of up to 8% in our OEE. Our OEE is now trending towards a 10% improvement. After our first month we visited Vorne for a 2 day training session and have left with a really solid plan to maximize how we use the system. We have now started introducing XL to our sister plants to align it with our group OEE methodology.”

R.N. | Continuous Improvement Manager | Food Ingredients Manufacturer

33% OEE Increase in 10 Weeks

“After we installed and deployed the Vorne XL800 Productivity Appliances we analyzed the data, and started understanding our underlying issues. We benchmarked our primary line and recorded an OEE Score of 45%. When we felt we had a good idea of what was going on, we started working to improve our productivity. We use OEE as the primary metric to gauge our progress. The XL800 gave us the tools to track and eliminate our downtime, and improve our productivity. 10 weeks later we are hitting 60% OEE and still making improvements! Of our 10 best shifts of all time, 5 occurred in the last 30 days. Vorne XL800s have been key to improving our productivity.”

D.G. | Operations Manager | Grain Milling and Packaging Company

115% of Plan – A New Production Record

“When we brought in our first XL600, we introduced it to our associates in small groups and explained the idea behind working to Takt Time. After three days our team was producing at 115% of plan and set a new production record. At the end of the shift our plant floor team broke into applause! That's why every line is getting an XL600.”

C.T. | Lean Improvement Team | Global Imaging Products Manufacturer

OEE Improved by Over 20%

“Two years ago we brought in the Vorne XL800s as part of our lean program. We wanted to measure and improve efficiency on seven lines. OEE gave us a reliable way to measure our progress and also a tool for identifying areas where we can improve. Over this time we have increased our OEE by an average of 20 points and our downtime is down by 15 to 20%. Vorne has been with us every step of the way. We are proud that we have improved and also that we are maintaining our gains. Vorne has been a trusted partner in our journey, providing us the tools and support to help us improve our productivity.”

L.C. | Manufacturing Engineer | Global Auto Parts Supplier

Faster Response Times Means More Time by the Pool

“Manufacturing pool pumps, filters and associated products, we have an extremely cyclical business cycle. Additionally, delivery time is absolutely critical. When its 95° and sunny, missed deliveries are simply not an option. That's why we love XL. Takt time attainment is a critical KPI for us. With hour-by-hour boards our data was always stale. With XL our associates see data in real-time – and can act on it. That gives us on average a 20 minute improvement in our response time. In fact, one of our associates suggested moving the XL600 to the center of the work cell so they could have even easier access to the data. And – addressing issues sooner means we get to spend more time by the pool!”

T.H. | Manager of Continuous Improvement | Leading Pool Equipment Manufacturer

XL Leads the Way to 22% Productivity Gain

“At Cosmetic Essence we have been aggressively working to improve our OEE and manufacturing efficiencies. So far this year, we have been able to achieve a 22% improvement in OEE, and Vorne XL has been an integral part of our improvement process. By knowing the status of all our lines in real-time, we can address problems in real-time. With XL, our entire team sees downtime, and eliminates downtime. We count on Vorne XL to show us what area's we need to address, and we take immediate action from there.”

M.H. | Plant Manager | Personal Care and Household Products

30% Savings, 31 Day ROI

“We purchased a Vorne XL600 display to help us monitor production rates and apply lean manufacturing tools to one of our many value streams. By efficiently working to takt time, we have been able to eliminate waste and improve productivity, while maintaining our commitment to quality. We have calculated a 30 percent labor savings on our pilot project which yielded a 31 day payback. Since the pilot we have installed another two XL600 displays. As you can imagine, we will be continuing to add more Vorne displays!”

G.K. | Continuous Improvement Manager | Global Food Service Provider

Before XL We Never Made Goal

“The XL600 has become an integral part of our manufacturing process. The first full day we used it we ended up beating goal by 44 units which was about 6% over our target. This was a significant first for us. Since the line started in June of 2006 we never, ever, met goal but we knew that it was possible. Not only are my operators reacting quicker to issues, but as a manager, so am I.

I also like that I can see the real-time data from my office as well as export reports that I can use as production improvement tools.

My only regret is that I didn't get the XL600 sooner!”

D.M. | Line Manager | Major Footwear Manufacturer

XL – Easy Path to Productivity

“The XL600 is exactly what we were looking for! In the past we have struggled with accurate capacity planning. Thanks to the Vorne displays we now know what is going on anytime, anywhere. The XL600 helps us make informed manufacturing decisions. Improved productivity is a bonus.

And, the best thing about it is that it was so easy to install. Add the fact that we didn't have to deal with software to see our real-time data and the XL600 is a real winner.”

D.G. | Plant Manager | Hospitality and Healthcare Products and Services

From 44% to 87% Efficiency in Three Months!

“Over the last three months we went from about 44% efficiency to a remarkable 87% efficiency. The XL600s provided trusted visual feedback that was the key to our productivity gains, and were the cornerstone that cemented our cultural change. We couldn't have done it without them!”

P.K. | Plant Manager | Manufacturer of Engineered Electrical Solutions

“Pinpoint Problem Areas”

“The XL600 takt time clock worked out great! It took less than half a shift to pinpoint problem areas on the production line. I have to say that you and your staff at Vorne are top notch and I would recommend your product to anyone needing a ready to go, out-of-the-box information display.”

J.M. | Maintenance | Tier One Automotive Products Supplier

Ready Access to Information

“Thanks for an excellent product! We've installed six Vorne XL600s now and the results have been great.

Our supervisors love seeing real-time production data at their PCs and the Excel reporting tool provides ready access to information we can use to further improve the process.

The six lines with XL600s have consistently shown 5% and often 10% increases in production.”

P.P. | Facility Engineer | Premium Door Products Manufacturer

Sustained Increase in Throughput

“Having real-time production data on the plant floor has really changed how we work. We now know exactly where we should be relative to goal and have seen a remarkable, sustained 8% increase in throughput as a result. Our shifts now compete on a daily basis to try and out-produce the other shifts. Not only does this help us increase productivity, it makes it really fun for the teams.”

D.M. | Manufacturing Engineer | Seat Frame Supplier

27% Ahead of Plan

“When we installed Vorne displays showing target and actual production rates, the target rate for one of the lines was inadvertently set higher than was planned. One of the engineers set the target rate to 180 pcs/min for a part that was scheduled for 140 pcs/min. A few hours later when the plant manager glanced at the display, he was amazed to see the actual performance at 178 pcs/min. The line was running at 127% of plan simply because the goal was there! The Vorne displays showed us that our team members can outperform our own expectations. After we started visual management using the Vorne displays, the lines are showing record productivity numbers.”

A.C. | Manufacturing Consultant | Manufacturing Consulting Firm

XL600 – Secret Ingredient for High Efficiency

“When I saw your XL600 I told our General Manager that this is the single most important investment we will make this year.

Just the other day our CEO was walking through the plant. When he glanced at the production display, his jaw dropped. He was surprised to see over two hours of downtime. Without the display, it would likely be a whole lot more and we wouldn't find out until the next day when it is too late to fix it.

The XL600 really helps us put a spotlight on the dark areas and expose our productivity losses. The XL600 is the secret ingredient for high efficiency.

We hope our competition doesn't find out about Vorne productivity displays!”

T.G. | Plant Manager | Specialty Food Products Manufacturer

Downtime Slashed by 94%

“The Vorne displays definitely generate a competitive interest on the plant floor. Until we put the display up it was not uncommon to see 160 minutes of shift downtime. Now that the operators can see the downtime in real-time it is down to just 10 or 12 minutes per shift. Also, one of our production shifts just broke the all-time run rate for the line.”

S.T. | Plant Engineer | International Glass Products Manufacturer

Fast ROI and Improved Problem Resolution

“We are totally satisfied! The Vorne XL800s easily paid for themselves in the first couple of months we used them. With the XL800 we are now able to easily identify slow cycles and quickly correct the problems that cause them. Throughput is up!”

M.T. | Controls Engineer | Global Braking Components Manufacturer

XL600 Pays For Itself In 2 Days!

“Yesterday was the first day we looked at the numbers since installing the XL600. The direct result of the display was amazing. We went from running at $9,000 below target per month to a net gain of nearly $30,000 a month!

The line operators used to get production numbers the day after the fact and could do nothing about it. Now they immediately know where they are at and where they need to be.

We'll be installing the XL600s just as fast as we can get them!”

F.S. | Controls Engineer | Fortune 500 Food Producer

“We Love the XL600s!”

“We love the XL600s! Operators are always asking me ‘When am I going to get one on my line?’

The results have been great. The displays created a very productive and competitive environment. I installed my 1st XL600 display on a line that never made rate. We saw an immediate improvement but they were still struggling to make production. I installed my 2nd XL600 on a line that made rate every day and was in view of the 1st line. The 1st line's production improved even more. Now they make rate! It gives the operators instant data for them to evaluate their daily production.

Our Plant Manager has been so happy with the results that he even mentioned the displays in our company meeting! We'll be adding them to the other lines just as fast as I can install them.”

M.M. | Controls Technician | International Automotive Parts Supplier

Downtime Was Getting Us Down

“Downtime hurts – we know when our machines aren't running we're hurting the bottom line. In order to fix the problem we had to be able to see what was occurring. By using Vorne timers we are able to see how much downtime has occurred. Now that we know where to look, we have been able to reduce our downtime. When it works it works! That's why we have a timer on every press.”

R.H. | Automation Engineer | National Plastics Injection Molding Firm

“XL600… A Great Management Tool”

“The Vorne XL600s are a great management tool for us. Before the displays, the team leader would go around deliver the production stats. Now we just look up and see live production information.”

M.C. | Industrial Engineer | Fuel Delivery Parts Manufacturer

“Immediate 29% Improvement in Production Efficiencies”

“We saw an immediate 29% improvement in production efficiencies just by adding Vorne displays! The project has been so successful that we've now outfitted two complete plants with XL800s and are working on another. Corporate is so excited about the project that they've approved the budget to do every plant we have in the next year.”

R.H. | Engineer | Large Print Advertising Company

Efficiency Improved from 75% to 95%

“We have definitely noticed a productivity improvement since we started using the display. Before the display was hung, our line averaged 75% efficiency. Since the display we are operating between 90 and 95%. Since this unit was so successful we are in the process of adding visuals to our other lines.”

A.P. | Lean Coordinator | Global Electric Component Manufacturer

“30 Percent Increase in Production”

“The results are amazing! We went from about eight thousand units a day to just over eleven thousand just by putting the displays up. That's an almost 30 percent increase in production and we've been able to sustain our gains. Everybody in the plant just loves the displays. Supervisors, managers and operators now have a great tool for monitoring the progress of the lines in real-time.”

R.K. | Maintenance Supervisor | Decorative Can and Tin Manufacturer

“Vorne XL800…We Need To Get These On Every Line!”

“After only two days of the Vorne XL800 on the plant floor the Manufacturing Manager said ‘We need to get these on every line.’ The General Manager just looked at the display and said ‘That's the right thing to do!’

How fast can I get a quote for nine more!”

W.D. | Manufacturing Engineering Manager | Automotive Interior Components Manufacturer

“Vorne Display Played a Significant Role in Our Win”

“We absolutely love the display! We show our monthly goal and what has actually been produced.

As a matter of fact, last month we beat our production goal. The Vorne display played a significant role in our ‘win’ because it helps us to keep everyone focused on what needs to be done. What a great tool!”

C.P. | Lean Coordinator | Global Aluminum Products Manufacturer

“Production…Like a Sports Scoreboard”

“It's about knowing where your production is at, like a sports scoreboard. Everything is now line of sight – downtime is evident, as is the count and speed.

Having the data collected from the Vorne displays allows my supervisors to focus on machines that are running bad and to leave the good one's alone.

The bottom line for us is that we cannot effectively react to what was done yesterday. Now, people on the line are always looking to see if their line is number one and do what it takes to make their line perform. No doubt we would not have the efficiency gains that we've achieved without the visuals.

As an example, it used to take our supervisors 35 minutes to collect the count data for their 9 machines now they have it in 10 seconds!”

G.D. | Bindery Manager | High Volume Catalog Printer

“Collect Downtime Without Creating Downtime”

“Vorne figured out how to put an Industrial Engineer inside their display. Regardless of the degree of automation in the process, ‘bolting-on’ an XL unit allows you to collect performance information and communicate it to front-line employees all within one device. This approach lets you collect downtime without creating downtime.”

M.P. | Product Manager | Software Solutions and Systems Integrator

Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Downtime

“Having the Vorne XL800 production monitoring displays throughout our organization allows our production lines to visually monitor their own performance. At the same time, the remote monitoring of the data provides real-time feedback to our 1st and 2nd level supervisors allowing them to react to changes in production throughput increasing our efficiency and reducing downtime.”

R.T. | Manufacturing Manager | Tier One Automotive Supplier

“Significant Increase in Throughput”

“We have seen a significant increase in throughput since installing the Vorne displays. Before adding the displays only the supervisors knew where the count was. They'd figure it out by talking to the people assigning serial numbers who'd count the boxes. This took a long time.

The displays tell everyone where they're at – the people know what they need to do to meet goal.”

A.Q. | Manufacturing Engineer | International Fitness Equipment Manufacturer

“100% Just Minutes”

“Each operator in our plant does just a small piece of the completed product and previously had no idea of how their work affects the final output. This was before the displays. Now, anyone can look down the line and see the real-time production output in large numbers. We were truly surprised at the effect the displays had on our productivity. Some areas actually achieved a 20% increase in on-time quota.

We seen gains everywhere we've put the displays and are now convinced of the value. As matter of fact, we've proven 100% payback of the display cost in just minutes of improved productivity!”

M.B. | Manufacturing Engineer | Commercial Building Products Manufacturer

“Know Exactly Where You're At”

“While we were installing the display some of the operators expressed concerns about being watched. That changed as soon as we lit up the display. They love it! Now they've turned it into a game of keeping the display green instead of red.

The month before we installed the display we had 18 shifts of production data – the line met the goal twice. The 18 shifts after installing the display they missed the goal only twice and not by much. We are thrilled with the displays and plan to put them on every line!

It's great to know exactly where you're at – any moment – at a glance.

It's kind of funny but whenever someone fills in on the line with the Vorne display we hear ‘hey, when are we getting one of those.’ Now we've got people volunteering to work at the line with the display.”

M.M. | Engineer | Tier One Automotive Supplier

“Productivity is Up”

“Before adding the Vorne displays, our data was manually collected at the line. The data was so inaccurate that no one cared to use it for analysis. A good example is when an operator would run a line slow for a couple hours, they would simply add 10 minutes of downtime to cover the productivity loss.

Now that we have clear and accurate data, visible to all, the reporting has become very accurate and of course productivity is up as well.”

O.C. | Engineering Specialist | Tier One Automotive Supplier

“Paid for Itself in a Month”

“Initially we did not know how much of a difference the display would make…It has raised production undoubtedly and we plan to use the display in all of our hot spots this year…Great product, it paid for itself in a month.”

J.N. | Web Press Manager | Commercial Printing Company

“Productivity Went Up Significantly”

“Once people understood why it was important to the health of the company we not only saw a slight rise in our quality but productivity went up significantly. In addition to this, we also saw benefits we couldn't have imagined when we considered adding the displays. The fact that we now know when we are stumbling on a job has helped to improve our quoting accuracy in a very tight market. The displays have also exposed training issues that we never knew existed.

The displays have helped us to maintain our quality-focus while improving many areas of our company.”

R.G. | Purchasing | Custom Envelope Manufacturer

“Far Beyond Our Initial Expectations”

“The displays have been a great addition for us. Seeing the temperature and humidity in red or green has helped far beyond our initial expectations. We used to manufacture our products with no good idea of critical environmental conditions, now we just look up and know exactly where we're at.”

K.R. | Controls Engineer | Precision Investment Casting Firm

“Paid for Themselves in Just Three Days”

“Your displays paid for themselves in just three days of production! We went from an average of 70% throughput to an amazing 98% in just a couple days. Now we finish every part that we make instead of burying pallet loads in the warehouse for fill in work. Seeing the target in giant numbers has helped everyone in the cell become involved in meeting our goals and has even improved morale.”

T.M. | Manufacturing Engineer | Automotive Interior Supplier


XL True Believer

“I read every customer comment on your web site before I decided to try the XL600 and have to admit that I simply didn't believe them. I never imagined that a product, company or support could be as good as people were saying. I am now a true believer and customer. You not only delivered all that you promised but even more.

The XL600 is simply an outstanding product.

Not only is your XL600 an outstanding product but your technical support is the best I've ever encountered!”

J.C. | Engineering Manager | Wheel and Drive Manufacturer

Top Notch Technical Support

“Your technical support person is without a doubt the best technical person I've worked with and a true asset to your company.

As a result of his support we developed a plant floor solution using Vorne displays that impressed the Foreman so much that he called the Lean Engineer who called the Process Superintendent who summoned every key person in the plant, told them to drop what they were doing and get down to the plant floor to see it.”

G.F. | Controls Engineer | Major US Automaker

“Miracle on 34th Street”

“I just want to say that your applications guy is by far the best I've ever talked to. I called in with an application and he directed me to exactly the right product. I also had another application that was outside the scope of your products. He provided me the exact model number and pricing for a competitor's product. I felt like the movie Miracle on 34th Street where the Macy's Santa Claus was directing people to Gimbals and other places. He was also knowledgeable about our company from way back as a result of your customer service database. It was amazing, I was very, very impressed. I just wanted to let you know you don't find service like that very often.”

W.S. | Senior Controls Engineer | Custom Assembly Machine Builder

Unbelievably Impressive Support

“You cannot believe how impressed I am with Vorne Industries tech support. Your after sales support goes above and beyond and reminds me of what we try to do for our customers. It is a pleasure working with you. When I talk to people about what display unit to use, Vorne is the only name that I recommend. Keep up the good work!”

L.V. | President | Systems Integrator

“Superior Support”

“We had a critical installation in China with very little time to get the line running. After a few calls everything was working well and my guys were able to get out on time. It is superior support like this that makes or breaks an application for us.”

D.F. | Engineer | Robotics Technology Provider

“You Really Came Through For Me!”

“You really came through for me! I would like to tell you how nice it is to work with people as knowledgeable and helpful as your technical staff. Your tech support engineer has done at least 5 different program changes for me in the last two weeks as we keep changing our minds here. Thank you again!”

A.B. | Engineer | Premium Quality Residential Glass Manufacturer

Easy Solutions to Complex Problems!

“You guys are so great to work with, not at all like some other companies we deal with. You're very responsive and always happy to help when we need something. Usually answers take moments instead of days or weeks, and you definitely know how to think outside the box, providing easy solutions to what initially seem like complex problems.”

P.S. | Controls Technician | Global Automotive Components Manufacturer

“Great Customer Service”

“I want to thank you for your help in getting my M1000 running. You were very patient and knowledgeable with me and walking me through the installation. It is rare nowadays to find such great customer service.”

J.D. | IS Manager | Specialty Chemical Manufacturer

“Vorne Support is Outstanding”

“I truly appreciate the one-on-one relationship we have developed with Vorne. The success of our project was without a doubt due to the teamwork environment that Vorne creates. Vorne support is outstanding.”

D.C. | Controls Engineer | Global Supplier of Power Management Solutions

“The Best Service I Ever Had”

“Your technical support is better than drive-thru service. To be able to discuss my needs with an engineer and reprogram my display from an email file was remarkably convenient. Your engineer was very professional and an obvious expert. Unquestionably the best service I have ever had.”

S.T. | Controls Engineer | Leading Electrical and Industrial Controls Manufacturer

“Just Call Vorne”

“As far as we are concerned any application that calls for a display is single sourced – just call Vorne. It's great to work with people that know what they are doing, don't take every last buck and have a good looking product.”

C.T. | Sales Representative | Regional Electrical Distributor

“I Am Always Impressed”

“I am always impressed with Vorne's willingness to help with questions or issues. I don't think I have ever heard someone from Vorne say ‘no’ when we asked if we can try something new or different with your products. It is a pleasure to work with a company that actually knows its products and how to support them.”

F.C. | Manufacturing Engineer | Leading Motion Control Product Manufacturer

“Thanks for a Product that Works!”

“When I had to make a change in your product, your tech-guy was right there! I received the program with my requested changes less than 2 minutes after I hung up the phone and made my updates without having to make another single call for support. Thanks for a product that works!”

F.L. | Production Manager | Specialty Fabrics Manufacturer

“Great to Work With”

“We have used your displays for over 12 years now with eye-opening results. You guys have always been great to work with – that's why I'm calling from my new plant. I don't even have a phone number yet… I'm definitely looking forward to getting some real-time right-now info on the floor!”

F.D. | Plant Floor Specialist | Major US Auto Manufacturer


10+ Years of Reliable Service

“In looking to add some new production displays, I climbed up to see what we have been using for the last ten years to find that they are Vorne displays.

Any product that can work reliably in this plant for so many years is worthy of buying more!”

D.K. | Process Reliability Team Leader | Consumer Products Manufacturer

24/7 Quality

“I have been very impressed with the displays from Vorne. I have worked with them since we installed them several years ago. Operating 24 hours a day seven days a week, we have never had a problem. We are used to dealing with machinery issues, but the displays from Vorne have NEVER failed. Day in day out they just work. We never hesitate to use Vorne in our plant. We don't mess around with quality here, and its obvious Vorne shares our focus on producing a quality product.”

D.S. | Manufacturing Engineer | International Printing Group

Foundry Tough

“One of my guys came by my office and said, ‘Your display fell.’ We went out to the plant floor to take a look. Someone hit the column the display was anchored to – hard enough to knock it loose. All I saw was communication and power cables hanging.

The M1000 hit a thick metal pan right on the edge before it dropped another 15′. If it were a melon it would have split it like a knife! I thought it was done for.

We hooked it up and the M1000 worked flawlessly! I was impressed – we work in a foundry and if the heat, dust and chlorine don't kill it, a 20′ drop sure should. Nobody builds stuff like that anymore!”

D.M. | Plant Engineer | Major Aluminum Alloy Producer

Steel Mill Tough

“You guys sure do build a tough product! We installed eight of your 87/232 units in the mill for what was supposed to be a temporary installation and left the access plates off. Nearly two years later the displays look like someone threw handfuls of gunk in there and these things are still running – never missed a beat. Gimme four more!”

A.W. | Maintenance Tech. | High Volume Steel Producer


“Our customer was preparing to install a Vorne M1000 and had it on a stand in an open area. They heard the sickening crunch of metal on metal as a car drove into the stand sending the display flying. They picked up the display and dusted it off thinking that for sure it would be destroyed. The case was dinged up and scratched but when they powered it up it worked perfectly and has been since.”

J.B. | CEO | Automation Systems Integrator

“Run Day In and Day Out”

“I would first like to say that we made a mistake when we went with your competitor years ago just to save a few pennies. While your competitor-provided inadequate service, the few Vorne displays we did purchase continued to run day in and day out without incident or issue. When we did have questions, your support people were always quick to respond.”

L.M. | Controls Engineer | Lift Platform Manufacturer

“Coal Mine Tough”

“Your displays are coal mine tough! You guys continue to exceed our expectations.”

D.N. | Systems Engineer | Large Scale Mining Operation

“Absolutely Bullet Proof”

“We are ever-impressed with the reliability of your products – those things run like Swiss-watches – absolutely bullet proof. They have to be, they go into 911 centers.”

J.E. | Engineer | Emergency Call Center Provider

“The Reliability of Your Displays Stand Out”

“You guys have always come through for us! The reliability of your displays stand out in my mind and will always keep us thinking Vorne.”

R.S. | Plant Manager | Global Automation Solutions Provider

Ease of Use

XL – Easy Path to Productivity

“The XL600 is exactly what we were looking for! In the past we have struggled with accurate capacity planning. Thanks to the Vorne displays we now know what is going on anytime, anywhere. The XL600 helps us make informed manufacturing decisions. Improved productivity is a bonus.

And, the best thing about it is that it was so easy to install. Add the fact that we didn't have to deal with software to see our real-time data and the XL600 is a real winner.”

D.G. | Plant Manager | Hospitality and Healthcare Products and Services

No Comparison

“I have purchased and installed Vorne products for almost 10 years now, so I trust their ability to survive in a food manufacturing environment.

The XL Series allowed me to introduce a new concept – real-time visualization – for very little cost and complexity. The alternative would have been to use PLCs, interface them with a PC, find and run software on the PC to drive the displays, and interface them with the displays.

There is simply no comparison! I really like the product and will recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone.”

J.D. | Maintenance Manager | Food Products Manufacturer

XL – Immediate Results

“I am very impressed with the XL! Just two wires is all it takes to get a tremendous amount of real-time process data.”

S.R. | Senior Electrical Engineer | US Automaker

Instant Results

“We received our order on-time and the display is exactly what we were hoping for. Our Lead Exhibit Builder literally pulled the display out of the box, plugged it in and smiled. Our customer and the thousands of people that will see it will be in awe. Vorne has earned the right to be our first call whenever we need displays.”

S.S. | General Manager | Exhibit Manufacturer

Easy to Install

“We wish all our applications went so easy. The programming of the unit was so quick and straightforward – actually one of the best we've dealt with. We usually have to spend 25 or 30 minutes messing around with poorly written manual and bad software. Your display took less than 5 minutes to program!

We are normally in a bind on the job site and really like products that don't require a call to technical support. As a matter of fact, we probably won't even have to look at your manual on the next installation – and we work with some products that require us to read the manual on every job site even though we install that stuff monthly.”

M.F. | Engineer | Consulting Engineering Firm

Up and Running in 5 Minutes

“You guys nailed it on the first try. That never happens – we just expect some sort of difficulty or problems. My maintenance guys were so impressed when they pulled it out of the box, powered it up and it worked. I made them read the manual just to keep them honest.”

J.L. | Manufacturing Engineer | Automotive Steering Systems Supplier

Maintenance Loves 'Em

“My customers love your displays. They are probably one of the easiest to install products I've ever seen – just pull 'em out of the box and hang 'em. They just don't require a lot of complicated integration.”

J.G. | Consultant | Lean Manufacturing Consulting Firm


Amazing Gains Compared to Cost

“We deployed XL on a troublesome line. We are a private business and our CEO personally came in and saw how big of an impact XL had made. He was amazed at the gains it provided compared to the cost. We were considering a trial of another system – but the cost of the trial exceeded the cost of outfitting our entire plant with XL!”

M.C. | Automation Engineer | Global Confectionary Manufacturer